Commercialization of Eco Innovation requires expertise and experience. This can be done most efficiently and effectively if the experts and Centers of Eco Innovation engage in commercialization by collaborating, sharing operational objectives and are accountable for results.

We are a catalyst for accelerating the technology and knowledge transfer and commercializing eco innovations in the global market. We advance use of new-technology and speed-to-market solutions.  Our core business focus is on the downstream end of a commercialization chain, early market introduction, and implementation of solutions. By setting global direction, and creating opportunities for flexible and strategic international collaboration, we deliver significant value to our stakeholders and their customers, and return on investment to investors.

Our fast growing group of new-technology solution providers and business experts aim to optimize resource efficiency and mitigate risk. Our role is to address critical issues and management challenges, to find ways to speed-up technology transfer, share risk, and reduce the time from innovation to the end-user. We implement solutions to increase productivity and profitability through reduced use of energy, materials, and labor.

We provide much needed collaborative training and work together to leverage our resources and risk. We initiate and manage training programs and partnership projects, and deploy speed-to-market solutions in collaboration with our local working groups at global scale. Because our solution providers and their customers all face many of the same constraints and concerns, we pool resources to enable effective commercialization of technology through our fast growing global network of experts, partners and customers.  

Centers of Eco Innovation Excellence with Strong Deployment Expertise 

CEC commercialization teams work to bridge the gap between research and development, and venture capital funding and marketing. We use our local ‘Hubs’ of Eco Innovation Excellence with strong deployment expertise, multiple strategies and projects to source eco innovations and identify opportunities. We seek PPP's and joint funding for projects, develop business opportunities through competitive solicitations, and track both federal and state incentives. Our goal is to accelerate and scale of technology market penetration.

Resources are spread across regional centers of Eco Commerce excellence working on diverse projects. These 'Hubs' are a good start as commercialization centers. They need to be sufficiently funded and supported with annual budgets to achieve the desired results. To function effectively and deliver results, each of these 'Hubs' will need the flexibility to pursue promising developments and eliminate dead-end efforts.

Our solution providers include industry and technology experts, and leaders. We have built key alliances with companies, academia, consortia, NGO's, government agencies, and investors.

Our experts have a long history of delivering value to customer through technology in diverse industries worldwide:

  • We foster innovation and execute projects that deliver measurable results;
  • We advance use of new-technology tools, systems, solutions, and processes;
  • We leverage and pool our experience, expertise and resources;
  • We deliver immediate value by leveraging know-how for measurable results;
  • We serve as the model for successful international PPP’s (public private partnerships);
  • We influence the global market by focusing on the commercialization of technology transfer, education, training, after sales support and research.

As the global marketplace has grown more complex, we have worked to allow flexibility in joining our projects, working groups and programs. There are numerous ways to work with us:

  • Join us to collaborate with other peers and customers;
  • Do business with other solution providers and customers;
  • Share your issues and challenges with experts to solve problems;
  • Participate in online workshops and training to learn about opportunities;
  • Learn how to implement solutions to your specific needs;
  • Outsource your tasks, work and projects;
  • Initiate partner projects to drive technology transfer in your industry;
  • Lead or join a working group to share your experience and expertise or learn;
  • Build direct relationships with experts, peers and customers worldwide;
  • Access new-technology information, solutions, experts, and support services.

Technology Licensing

Global Sustainability Centers (GSC)

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